Dr Nathalie Campeau

 The Energizing Heart

Nathalie Campeau, MD

Your heart is a powerful source of energy:

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    Your Heart, not your brain, is the organ of your body that produces most energy
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    As measured by an EKG, the electrical courant produced by your heart is 50 times stronger than that of your brain
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    The electromagnetic field of your Heart can be detected up to 15 feet away from your body.
  • Therefore, we affect others with our Heart Energy: parents holding a baby in their arms will surround this baby with their loving energy. So will embraced lovers... and people at conversational distance.

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In the Book, you will be Surprised to Discover:

Little-known science facts about your heart

Doctors have been telling you what to do for your heart. 

Do you know what your heart can do for you?

Through the EM field it generates, your heart has the power to change the chemistry of your cells, balance your hormones and support the healing process.

A simple technique to tap into

the energy of your own heart

Heart-Smiling is an easy to learn technique that taps into the power of Cardiac Coherence to produce a sense of energized and focused well-being. 

When you smile from your heart, it changes everything!

How to use your heart energy

to improve your health

Your heart communicates with all your organs. 

When you are in a state of cardiac coherence, your heart is helping your natural healing abilities by boosting your immune system, your endocrine system and your tissue repair system.

Your heart can optimizes the function of all your organs.


How to use your heart energy ​

to have happier relationships

Relationships are matters of the heart.

When you use the superior qualities of your heart, it affects the quality of your relationship with yourself, with your loved ones, your co-workers and your community.

A smile form your heart has the power to disarm your antagonists and dissolves conflicts.

About the Author: Dr. Nathalie Campeau, MD

Dr. Campeau is a retired physician who graduated from Montreal University Medical School and pioneered in the area of Addiction Medicine.

As a  doctor, the one complaint she heard over and over was: “Doctor, I don’t have any energy!” After moving to Florida, she went on a quest to find a solution to this debilitating problem … and she found one: Heart Energy is the solution.

In her book “The Energizing Heart” Dr. Campeau explains how to tap into one's heart energy. Based on the latest medical research, she describes how to use heart energy to change internal chemistry by generating a state of well-being called cardiac coherence.

Dr. Campeau developed a technique, called Heart-Smiling, that boosts personal energy on demand. This easy to learn technique can be practice in a few seconds, in the midst of daily activities.

Her mission is to invite everyone to take advantage of this formidable source of energy that changes lives for the better.

   The Energizing Heart



Must read! Discover what your heart can do for you.

1- science-based evidence and little-known facts about your heart

2- easy to learn technique that you can practice anywhere

3- increase your energy

4- improve your health

5- improve your relationships

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