The Dr. Campeau Success Program

for Weight Release and Lifestyle Changes.

Helping you change from inside out!

Health starts with a proper cellular nutrition.

When we feed our cells appropriately,

they get rid of toxins, repair and heal on their own.

Fat molecules are then freed from storage

to fuel brain cells and provide energy.


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  • Have you ever wondered why you binge eat or sabotage your healthy eating habits?
  • Do you find yourself repeating behaviors that are not good for you?
  • Are you stuck trying to understand the why behind your actions?
  • Well, I have the secret sauce to your success...

It's not enough to know,
you have to know how

It's not enough to know what foods are good for you, 

you have to be able to stick with the program.

Most diets do not provide tools to resist the foods you are asked to avoid, they do not address emotional/stress eating, nor do they provide relapse prevention strategies.

Dr Campeau's Program is different.

Dr. Campeau's program is comprehensive. In addition to teaching about foods that support good cell nutrition, it allows you to identify your unconscious emotional blocks that lead to "cheating" and sabotage your efforts to improve health. Moreover, this program is the only one that also addresses your hormonal balance in your energy field.

Dr Campeau's Program covers these 3 areas:

Cellular Nutrition 

Provide your cells with the nutrients they need to function properly, release toxins and accumulate fat.

Well-nourished cells operate optimally and heal themselves.

Emotional Eating

Eating has been emotionally charged since birth. That's why these emotions that make us eat are unconscious.

What emotion are you satisfying        and what are you hungry for?      

Balancing your Hormones

Our cells are immersed in an energy field that affects them. Our hormones have frequencies that need balancing

 Balance the frequencies of your hormones in your energy field.

Dr Campeau's program is a unique comprehensive approach to nutrition. Therefore, private sessions are highly personalized. Each session teaches you:

  1. Food choices adapted to your situation 
  2. How to identify and release your emotional blocks and limiting beliefs
  3. A way to harmonize and balance the vibration of your hormones, brain and organs


Cellular Nutrition

Based on the dramatic results of multiple studies, this form of nutrition minimizes inflammation  and maximizes fat release. It is :

  • rich in green vegetables
  • rich in "good" fats
  • rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins
  • low in sugars and other carbs

Get rid of inflammation and excess weight.


Emotional Management

This section of the program helps you identify and release the emotions that sabotage your motivation to eat healthy.

Your body can sometimes be taken hostage by emotions that gives you the illusion that you are hungry. The impulse to eat often hides another deeper need, that of soothing your emotions.

This program teaches you to clearly read the sensations and emotions related to feeding yourself, and how to satisfy your emotions without resorting to food.


Harmonize your vibrations

The hormones involved in digestion, especially insulin, have a vibratory frequency that can be unbalanced and in need of harmonization.

These disturbances of your energy field can be re-harmonized thanks to a software that analyzes your voice and corrects these anomalies.

Each private session with Dr. Campeau includes a balancing session to harmonize the vibrations of your hormones and your glands.

Energy Medicine is the medicine of the future, harnessing the healing powers of sounds and light frequencies. Dr. Campeau, a pioneer in the field of Bio-Acoustics, offers you the possibility to add sound harmonizing to your healing regimen. Enjoy!


Pain Relief

When cells are injured, by trauma or chronic conditions, they release chemical that cause inflammation and pain

Most pain medications have dangerous side effects and are not the best course of treatment.

Alternative to addictive pain killers are offered in this program. They are:

  • Inflammation Reducing nutrition plan
  • Laser Light Therapy devices
  • Pain Be Gone Secrets, a book that teaches many proven pain reducing methods.

Is this Program for You?

       This program is successfully used by:

  • people who need to reduce inflammation of chronic conditions
  • people who want to release stubborn fats
  • people who are Insulin-Resistant and/or Pre-Diabetic
  • people with a chronic degenerative condition 
  • people with chronic PAIN (inflammation causes pain)
  • people who are addicted to sugar or just want to avoid them.
  • children with ADD or other neurological condition
  • children on the Autism spectrum
  • adults with Parkinson and Alzheimer
  • people who want to prevent inflammatory degenerative diseases.

What are the benefits of this Program

  • a rapid weight loss if this is what you want
  • personalized teaching and coaching
  • drug-free pain relief
  • helps you identify your specific damaging emotions
  • helps you with daily stress
  • pain management helps you relieve your PAIN without addictive medication  
  • gives you the tools to resist urges to eat carbs
  • teaches strategies for relapse prevention (to avoid "cheating")
  • teaches you the importance to harmonize your vibrations

Many researchers agree that the underlying cause of most chronic diseases is inflammation

And what is the #1 cause of inflammation? It is caused by the sugars we eat.

SUGARS are the main cause of inflammation at the cellular level.

Who is Dr. Nathalie Campeau?

Dr. Nathalie Campeau is a retired physician who is dedicating this phase of her life to teaching about recent discoveries pertaining to health and nutrition. Her background is Addiction Medicine and emotional management.

Her first book, The Energizing Heart, teaches a powerful cardiac coherence technique, "Heart Smiling", that has the power to change lives.

Lately, like many other doctors, she is focusing on nutrition that restores the cells' ability to heal themselves, to release their toxic waste and excess fat.

For several years, she has been fascinated by the healing power of sounds and light. She has developed a special interest in bio-acoustics (the effect of sounds on biology), and how sound vibrations  can harmonize frequencies that are too high or too low in our energy field.

Dr Campeau's goal is to teach people how to best take care of their own health through nutrition, emotional and personal energy management  .

How to book a private session with Dr. Campeau

For more information or to book an appointment, e-mail Dr. Campeau at

All private sessions are done via Zoom. Therefore, you will need Internet access.

Pricing for private sessions:

First time session (1 1/2 to 2 hours): Flat Fee 177 US $

Follow-up sessions ( 30-40 minutes): Flat Fee 97 US $

Hourly Rate for extended sessions: 147 US $/hour

Commitment to your health program is an important success predictor. Therefore you are encouraged to commit to a minimum of 6 months involvement to implement long-term life-style changes.

Package of 8 Pre-paid F-up sessions of 30-40 min. 700 US $ (you save $100)

Payment Methods: Payment is processed securely via PayPal. When you click on one of the buttons below, you payment will be processed and an email sent to Dr Campeau who will contact you to schedule an appointment.

If you contact Dr Campeau via email before using the buttons below, an invoice will be sent to you and after payment is received, an appointment will be scheduled.

 In any case, private sessions must be paid at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Cancellation Policy: Once you book a private session, that time is set aside exclusively for you. If you do not show up for you session or if you cancel too late (within 48 hours prior to your appointment time), no refund will be issued.

If you need to re-schedule an appointment, send an email to

All purchases are final. There are no refunds on completed sessions.

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​Jane Doe - CEO of ACME

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​Jane Doe - CEO of ACME

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Dr. Campeau is a retired physician, she is no longer practicing medicine. She will not diagnose nor treat any diseases. Her role is to inform you about proven methods to feed your cells in a healthier way.

She recommends that you consult licenced health professionals to treat your diseases and not to stop your medication without discussing it with them first.

We hope that this information you acquire during those sessions with Dr. Campeau will allow you to know yourself more and to feed your cells better.

We cannot however be held responsible for the way you use that information nor the results you will get from it.

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