Would you like to find out what your voice reveals about you?

The frequencies in your voice reflect your energetic state.

By analyzing the frequencies of your voice, we can detect some frequencies that are either too high or too low.

Out-of-balance frequencies in your energy field can be the root cause of many problems. 

We can cancel those damaging frequencies with soundbites of rectifying frequencies. 

This is the core principle of Bio-Acoustics.

Bio-Acoustic is the art of:

  • measuring the frequencies in your voice
  • identifying those that are out of balance
  • correcting and balancing those frequencies







Welcome to Your Balanced Life

When you have the tools to balance your energy, everybody wins.

You have more energy

When you pay attention to your frequencies that are out-of-balance, you can balance your energy and can increase your supply of vitality and stamina.

You could prevent disease

The root causes of many of our problems can be found beyond our physical body and mind, in our energy field that can be harmonized with the right frequencies.

You know more about yourself

Learn about your Food Sensitivities, the state of your Chakras, your Aura, the energetic state of your Organs, your Hormones and your Nutrients.

Section 1
Why it is important to analyze and balance your frequencies.

At the quantum level, we are swirls of energy. We are bio-individuals with a unique frequency signature. Our energy patterns move and change all the time and are reflected in our voice.

Before a problem shows up in our physical reality, it has been already present in our energy field. For example, we produce cancer cells all the time, but our white blood cells destroy them, unless we are immune-deficient. 

Wouldn't you like to know when your Immune System is weak in your energy field, so that you can boost it to fight infections and cancer cells? Balancing your out-of-tune frequencies is a very good prevention medicine practice.

Sensitivities, emotional stress and chemical imbalance in your energy field can all be improved before they become an issue in your life. 

Section 2
What you can discover during a balancing session.

Your voice is analyzed by software that shows which areas of your life need balancing. The results are divided into 3 main sections: your Body, your Mind and your Bio-Field. Each of these sections contains many points of interest, like:

  1. 1
    Organs and Glands Energy
  2. 2
    Digestion and Vitamins
  3. 3
    Spinal Energy and Meridians
  4. 4
    Brain and Neurotransmitters
  5. 5
    Electrical and Chemical Sensitivities
  6. 6
    Chakras and Aura
  7. 7
    and much more...

Section 3
What does a frequency- balancing session look like?

A sample of your voice is analyzed by a sophisticated application which compares its frequencies to several energetic frequency signatures of your body, mind and bio-field. It detects which frequencies are out-of-tune and need balancing.

After analyzing your frequencies, the software generates a soundbite for you to listen to for a few minutes, which will interact with your own frequencies and harmonize them.

A Before and After picture of your energy field can be produced to show you the effect of your balancing session. A report of your session can be sent to you, so you can track your energetic evolution.

Section 4
The Genius Insight software

Genius Insight software is a futuristic leading-edge technology that allows people to monitor and balance their energy by analyzing the frequencies of their voice.

One of the best qualities of this software is its low price. It is the only App which provides all these numerous features for less than $1,000. Other similar software is priced around $15,000.

Holistic Health Practitioners love Genius Insight because it is easy to use and offers online distance balancing. Moreover, the Before-and-After pictures allow them to break through the skepticism of potential clients and make their practice more profitable.

Health-conscious people get the Genius Insight for themselves and their family to screen and assess potential health issues.

Nathalie Campeau, MD

D. Campeau is a retired physician who developed an interest is Energy Medicine.  Her first book  The Energizing Heart  teaches how one can use the energy of their own heart to improve their life.

She has been involved with Light Therapy for many years and she is now expanding her practice to Bio-Acoustic with the intention of inviting people to learn more about themselves and have the tools they need to balance the frequencies of their energy field.

For more information or to take an appointment , email Dr. Campeau at NCampeau@YouAreEnergy.com

Dr. Nathalie Campeau
Certified Bio-Acoustic Practitioner

Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Use

Dr. Campeau is a retired physician and therefore, she does not provide medical advice. The balancing sessions do not provide diagnosis nor treatment for any medical issue. If you need medical advice and treatment, please consult a licensed health professional.

We hope that the knowledge you acquire in these pages and during a balancing session will provide you with the ability to learn more about yourself and your energy. However, we cannot be held responsible for the way you use this information or the results that you get from using this information.

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